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We sell LCD Monitors for PCs and laptops in dehradun.If you are looking for a new, refurbished, or used monitor for your computer or surveillance system we have a wide range of all types and sizes. We carry a full selection of screens from small to large, LCD to LED, and more options (like speakers, IPS panels, etc.) We have the most common sizes of 18 / 19 / 20 inches - which are good for office use and we have 21 / 22 / 24 inch recommended for gaming. We have larger sizes and TVs which are great for home theater based systems and bedrooms. Our monitors have various input capabilities from VGA to DVI and HDMI. Always make sure that your video card output is supported by the monitor you choose. We have smallest monitors which are 15 inch models.


printerWe have a wide range of printers which caters any kind any size of your needs. Your everyday printing, scanning and copying easy with an all-in-one that simply works—right out of the box. Save money with easily lowest-priced ink cartridges. Plus, save space with an all-in-one designed to fit where you need it.

We have affordable, high-quality printers for printing who can print all the quality photos and documents you need for a great value with lowest-priced ink cartridges in dehradun.

These printers print more for less. Just what you need—right away


We have all brands and all brands are available with following features such as Plug & play USB reader, Bluetooth 4.0 version, USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding, Uninterrupted digital FM working on PLL technology, FM storage up to 100 stations, Super big wooden subwoofer and satellites delivers heart-thumping bass, High efficient energy saving design, Fluorescence full function remote control, play your desired song & FM station directly by numeric keys through remote.

Mother Board

printerWe have all brands and variants of mother board. We assure you for the best quality and best price. Before coming to us you should get to know the requirement details. We have people who can guide you or help you in its assembly.

UPS Repair

printerUPS is a most common power backup used for desktops. Issues in UPS is common, we know it very well. Our highly experienced team of experts detects the UPS repair reasons within a few minutes and gets it corrected so that you enjoy the services of UPS for long run.

Laptop Repair

printerLaptop is one of the most popular devices for IT professionals all over the world. For the professionals repairing is the biggest concern. We understand this concern very well. Our experts are capable enough to detect any kind of issue in it and they can resolve it within the minimum time and cost as compared to the market cost and time. So give us a chance if you are looking to get your laptop repaired.

Computer (Desktop)

printerThis is wide terminology used for all segments of computers such as laptop, desktop and tablets. We have all brands and variants if you are looking for any branded or any type of configuration, just come to us. We assure you for the best price and best quality if you are planning to buy a laptop, desktop or any hardware accessories.

Software Installation

printerIf you have purchased a new desktop or laptop or you have formatted your devices then software installation is one of the biggest concern for you. You need an expert for this purpose and we welcome all of the people or customers who are coming to us for this purpose. We have all licensed versions of most of the common softwares in dehradun, so no need to worry about the licenses. We have all of the popular drivers, OS and all for your help.

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